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Sailing Program - Salty Sheep


Salty Sheep is an Urban Works sailing program which was created by Rev. Ryan Althaus, as a means of gathering people from diverse backgrounds and utilizing sailing to bring those people together.  Quoting Plato, Rev, Ryan says, "You can discover more about someone in an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation."

If you are interested in joining Ryan for a sail, during the winter months we plan to meet each Saturday at 3:00 at the D dock at the Santa Cruz Harbor, by Aldo's Restaurant. Please join the group text by texting Ryan at (443)223-7334 to confirm weather conditions for sailing each Saturday. Or, click here to sign up on Eventbrite for a schedule of events and to sign up.

More about Cpt. Rev. Ryan Althaus:  Ryan is a prolific writer and has a podcast each Thursday on KSQD.  Click to access Rev. Ryan's podcast and interviews.

More about Rev. Ryan Althaus

ADVENTURE THERAPY!!!!   Check out a past retreat where we dove in along with 16 homeless buddies and 6 'special needs friends for a Tahoe retreat!


Events & Such

  • Community Sails:  Our regular schedule is every Wednesday @ 5pm and Saturday @ 3pm as we gather for a reflective sail around Monterey Bay. Meet at D-Dock and call Capt. Ryan at 443-223-7334 with questions or to secure a spot. Please see above regarding winter months schedule.

  • Rev. Ryan will be speaks regularly at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz

  • Rev. Ryan also speaks regularly at Trinity Presbyterian - 420 Melrose Ave

  • Rev. Ryan partnered with the Contemplative Christian Group, Companions on the InnerWay to host a five day retreat at 

Our Philosophy

  • Celebrate unity through diversity (because we believe that oneness is far from sameness!)

  • Move beyond the blind acceptance of "second hand religious" rituals, rules, and practices of the past... and seek out the omniscient in passionate and personally relevant ways

  • Cultivate authentic community unrestricted by labels of homelessness, disability, faith affiliation, gender, age, race, etc... 

  • Laugh at ourselves (life and religion are far too important to be taken seriously!).

  • Have fun!   Be it a surf, sail, hike, boardgame, ski-trip, etc... As the late Plato wrote, 'we grow more through an hour of play than a life of study and conversation.'    Our Mission:    'To embrace RECREATION to break down social, economic, and Faith barriers. We value:   The unique gifts of each individual and seek to create a community of mutual growth.

  • We believe:  There is not one 'right' spiritual path... thus we strive to empower and support the unique faith journeys of each individual without proselytization.  So, though rooted in the Christian tradition, we see value in all faith teachings and encourage interfaith dialogue and co-learning.  We never exclude any genders, sexual orientations, religions, species (we are super pet friendly!), etc...     We like to focus on what unites, not divides us!

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