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Clouds in Sky

Past Events

Annual Tahoe Retreat

Nothing like some fresh air and new friends, exploring beautiful Lake Tahoe! We plan to host more retreats at other California-based locations... more to come!

Tahoe Retreat Video



People from all walks of life sail the seas with Rev. Captain Ryan Althaus! We have set sail more than 100 times with attendees enjoying the ride for free! This is such a wonderful way for people who otherwise couldn't enjoy a day on the ocean, to attend for free!

Creative Workshops

Creative gatherings are a great way to create community! We have hosted hundreds of online and in-person workshops 100% free to the attendees.

Earring Workshops.png

More creative workshops:

  • Maple Street Recovery House: Art Workshops

  • Christmas fundraiser at Trinity Church, to help fund materials for free workshops.

  • Stable Life Services: Art Workshops.

  • All Faith Church Homeless Shelter: Art workshops.

  • Tahoe Zephyr Cove Retreats: Cook meals and provide art workshops.

  • Adventure & Learn: Art workshop. 

  • Shared Adventures:  Halloween parties providing creative workshops. Art at Common Roots Farms and Day on the Beach.

  • Living Evolution: In person creative workshops.

  • Sweaty Sheep: Various art workshops, including for an eating addiction recovery group and `Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church.

  • Artist's Way Workshop: This was an online free, twelve week workshop created to help support those in need of connection, during Covid isolation.

  • Midtown Friday Block Party: Support local disabled artist to display and sell her art.

  • Contemplative Christian Group, Companions on the InnerWay hosting the art worksohps during a five-day retreat in South Lake Tahoe. The following were created by the attendees:

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